California WorldFest
Watch for a complete workshop schedule coming soon.




Enjoy vocal, instrumental, percussion and songwriting workshops throughout the weekend hosted by many of the performers and the invited workshop presenters, too. Drummers and dancers are welcome to join the late night drumming circles in the Welcome Stage.

Dance: Belly Dance, 5 Rhythms w/Michael Stone, Soul Shake Dance Church, West African Dance, Congalese Dance, Swing Dance (beg and adv), Salsa Dance

Movement: A Variety of Yoga workshops: Solo, Family Yoga, Partner Yoga (beg and adv), Tai Chi, Slackline Yoga

Music:Brazilian Drumming, Steel Drums, Classical Guitar, WorldFest Chorus, Americana 101, Uke (Ukelele) University

Drumming workshops by Pete Fairley:
Beyond 4/4: Exploring Rhythm Cycles from Across the Globe
Beyond 4/4: Exploring the World of 10-beat Rhythms
Beyond 4/4: Creating Your Own Unique Rhythms

Vocal Workshop: Details to be announced.