Enjoy vocal, instrumental, percussion and songwriting workshops throughout the weekend hosted by many of the performers and the invited workshop presenters, too. Drummers and dancers are welcome to join the late night drumming circles in the Welcome Stage.

IAfrican Dance and Drum Workshop - Ponderosa Hall

Soul Shake Dance with Luke Medicine Heart:
Start your morning by shaking it up with a
range of musical styles, letting it all go!
Sat — Ponderosa 9AM.

Dance Church with Jacia Kornwise:
Loosen your body and free your spirit. An
ecstatic dance wave DJ'd with a wide range of
musical styles. Sun – Ponderosa 9AM.

Dancing WorldFest!
African Caribbean with Khemya
Brazillian with Deanna
Tribal Belly with Marija
Swing with Nicole and Tristan
World Folk with Troika Folk Dance Band
Hula Hoop with Kristan

Join the WorldFest Chorus directed by Warren Haskell.

Get ready ahead of Worldfest and sing along with these practice files:

Rehearse in Discovery Stage
Thursday 4PM, Friday 6pm, Saturday 5 PM then
perform with the Chorus on the Discovery Stage
Sunday 11AM.

Vocal workshops by:

Jaffa Road in Middle Eastern, Pacific Curls in Maori and There is No Mountain offers duet singing tips.

Don't miss the Sunday Pete Seeger tribute sing-a-long in the Discovery Stage and Kirtan
Singing with Brett in the Evergreen Area. Join the OM Circle for world peace.

Native American Music and Healing:
Join Native American musicians as they share their spirit through traditional and contemporary music with drums, songs, vocalizations, flutes with a touch of the guitar. Lath House/Evergreen Area.

In the Native People's Village:

Learn about the salmon journey and see demonstrations on making flutes, drumsticks, quill jewelry, painted gourds, flint knapping and more. Children are invited to join in painting creative salmon pendants. Join in
on a Five Animal Qi-Gong session practiced by Chinese health practitioners since 600
BC. American traditional and contemporary musicians Walan Amana, Huallipacha, Loping Wolf Flute, 7th Generation Rise, Mexica/Azteca Danzantes, Vance, Ikoshy, and more share their culture and history.


Hosted by Memo Keswick,, sign up to play an Open Mic slot on the Discovery Stage, Saturday or Sunday Mornings 9:30 - 10:30 AM. Sign up at the Information Booth on Friday to play Saturday AM and on Saturday to play Sunday AM.